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Insanely simple time tracking, Toggl kills timesheets. It’s the best time tracking system for small businesses and freelancers. A simple online timer with powerful reports and team management features. Syncs with iOS & Android app and integrates with close to 100 other tools.

The main benefits of Toggl include:

  •  Better internal resource planning for businesses;
  •  Accurate and transparent client billing;
  •  Making work time more focused, increasing productivity;
  •  Giving managers overview of their team’s work.

It’s important to mention that Toggl, in fact, is the best time tracking software out there. Because of that, it has really great features:

Tracking Time - Toggle time tracking is a comprehensible time tracker. The desktop app allows you to easily switch between different tasks or projects. Moreover, you can add tags, client’s name, and other details. Also, idle time detector reminds you to track your time. In case you forget to track your time, you can easily add it manually to your reports. 

Reports - Reports are necessary when it comes to time tracking and without them, you may find it difficult to measure your employees’ progress. Toggl time tracker converts all the tracked numbers into reports which you can access on the cloud no matter where you are.

Integrations - Toggl offers integrations and extensions to make your work easier, faster, and more convenient. The tool also works on many platforms. Integrations help especially in the work of a project managemer, developers, and engineers and Toggl took care of that by providing an extensive list of integrations.

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  • Period: Jul 2017 - Present
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